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Welcome to Capacity Manager

The Capacity Manager is a tool to enable you to evaluate whether your internal support services are working effectively.

Your internal support services may also be called core costs, overheads, infrastructure or back-office – and typically include areas such as finance, fundraising, management, human resources etc.

Fundamentally the Capacity Manager is designed to help you manage these back-office services better, from a position of knowledge of how each service should really be contributing to your organisation.

Capacity Manager goes beyond simple healthchecks that ask whether you have such and such a policy or document, to explore more important questions such as whether the policy is followed, how effective it is, how regularly it is updated, and how widely it is understood and used.

You will also be able to compare your indicative scores against other organisations, or against yourself over a period of time.

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Background to Capacity Manager This project is a response to under-investment in overhead costs in third sector organisations.

The Capacity Manager builds on ACEVO's work with full cost recovery and looks to develop a deep understanding of overhead costs.
About Improving Support The Improving Support Income Generation Work Strand funded by Capacitybuilders is one of nine Workstrands.

The aim of this WorkStream is to work with third sector support providers wishing to offer improved help to frontline groups.
Assess Your Key Areas Assess the 10 key areas of your organisation including Communication, PR & Marketing, Funding and Income Generation, IT Finance, Strategic Planning and more.
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